Friday, 28 February 2020

YorRobots exhibition demonstration

Our PiWars team, Sam, Yuri, and Micah have been working through the night in a bid to teach their robot how to distinguish a red colour against a plain background. Success was achieved at a measly 3:30am - come on guys, where is the commitment! They were up nice and early again this morning to prepare for their YorRobots demonstration to university and industry representatives. Despite some minor network difficulties the robot made an appearance, and they were able to demonstrate the control of the robot over different surfaces. There was a lot of interest from visitors who wanted to know more about how the robot was being designed and the types of challenges that it would have to face in the competition. With PiWars coming up in around a month the team have made absolutely incredible progress, and should be thoroughly proud of how far their little bot has come! We will keep this blog updated with all their progress and how they fare in the competition - but I have no doubt they will smash it! (But don't literally smash it please, that little bot is really cute and I have attachment issues...) Lots of love, your favourite York-based Aerospace group.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Welcome to YAR's blog

Welcome to York Aerospace & Rocketry's blog page.

We have set up this page in order to detil all of our activities, events and ongoing projects. To keep up to date with all of our news follow us on twitter, instagram, and facebook, but most importantly watch this SPACE!🚀

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