Wednesday, 4 March 2020

First UK SEDS meeting

This evening we held a little informal meeting to see if we had any resounding interest in making a team for the UKSEDS competition. The meeting only started 15 minutes late so as long as the UKSEDS rocket isn't judged on punctuality we should be fine! In essence, however, the UKSEDS project is set to be a relaxed, open-ended, and easily accessible enterprise. Having said that, their first deadline for a design and build review is the END OF MARCH - that's this month guys - so good luck with the relaxed vibe, I have faith... The potential team members seemed incredibly keen though, and made immense progress in that meeting alone - a Facebook messenger chat has been made so now there is nothing stopping them launching a prototype tomorrow, right guys? :)
On a serious note though, if anyone missed the meeting and would like to be a part of this really cool project contact Parin Vyas for more details, as he will be the project lead on this one.
This project will be supported by Rapita Systems.

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